Dog sledding and day tours in North Iceland

Join us for a unique dog sledding experience in stunning landscapes of North Iceland. From Akureyri.

Winter Travel

Welcome to the Icelandic winter world!

A trip into Icelandic winter means peace, tranquility and mystic light. There the famous dance of the northern lights, the flat sun during the day and the bright moonlit nights  - all three providing fascinating light shows and unforgettable experiences. When nature wears a white winter dress, the landscapes are often reminiscent of a fairy tale world, and we can explore it through wonderful winter activities! And when it is cold outside, the hot springs and baths provide their full blessing.

But the winter also shows us the true power of nature: snow, ice and storms can sometimes make roads impassable and spontaneity and serenity are a must with each winter tour. Engage yourself with life in the white season of the Arctic Circle!

If you are lucky, maybe some of these rare, amazing and definitely exceptionell Northern Lights will pass your way

The Northern Lights in this video are a collection of some of the best ones in the past winter between September 2015 and April 2016 and not been seen in this dimension often.

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