Yoga retreat in North Iceland

The yoga programs are tailored to individual travelers or groups, and allow you to experience the wonderful contrasts in Icelandic nature with its hot

Yoga, Wellbeing & Spa in Iceland

Yoga and Wellbeing Retreats in Iceland

Welcome to Iceland! We love Yoga! And we love the unique nature and powerful energy of this beautiful place surrounding us. For us and our guests this is a combination that makes definitely happy!

Our Yoga & Wellbeing Center of Inspiration Iceland is located next to a beautiful fjord just outside of the charming town of Akureyri, in the North of Iceland. Magical Iceland is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean just below the polar circle and almost halfway between North America and the European mainland, which makes it easily accessible from both continents. Akureyri is a small nordic town and has been named as a top destination to visit by Lonely Planet.

Our Iceland Yoga and Wellbeing retreats are suitable for yoga beginners and practitioners of all levels. Find more information about our Yoga Teacher Ulrica Seiler and her yoga style.

Yoga Retreats in Iceland - Our Yoga retreat programs combine deep relaxation with active exploration of the body, mind and soul - all in the magnificent setting of Icelandic nature. Whether you decide on a Yoga & Hike or Yoga & Spa Retreat - the Icelandic nature is inspiration and partner at the same time - through the good air, healthy water and the palpable energy. Small groups allow you to connect - with yourself, others and the unique nature of this place.

Wellbeing Retreats in Iceland - Your body and mind long for true relaxation? Then you might want to check out our Wellbeing itineraries that allow you to embrace stillness and the art of letting go. Enjoy our modern Spa facilities and pamper your body and soul with our healing massage treatments.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all year round to our center to one of our retreats or treatments.

In the menu to the right you will find more information about our Yoga Retreats and Wellbeing Retreats and on how to book your retreat experience in Iceland! Enjoy exploring!

You want to bring your group to Iceland? Are you a yoga teacher and interested in bringing your group of students to Iceland? We frequently host guest retreats for local and international teachers and are happy to support you in organizing an unforgettable retreat time. If you are a yoga teacher, you can plan your yoga retreat in Iceland

Here in the video made by our partner One Yoga Global , you get an impression of what will await you.

Just have a look....


One more video made by yoga teacher Brent Laffoon , who was visiting us during summer with his Yogis. We LOVE the SPIRIT!

....ready for goosebumps?!

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