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The town of Akureyri
Whether you want to come for a retreat or a wellbeing holiday/vacation, Akureyri – the beautiful former trading town and capital of the North – is a place where art, nature, adventure and leisure activities come together in a unique and exciting blend of opportunities. But Akureyri not only offers all those possibilities - it also surprises visitors with a beautiful and colorful setting during all seasons - from the midnight sun to the polar lights.

The town’s landmark mountain is Súlur, which boasts many exciting hiking trails. You may also explore the natural beauty of the region and the midnight sun on horseback, on a guided tour, kayaking on the fjord, scuba-diving or just by renting a bike and taking off on your own. If you want to play golf, the northernmost 18-hole golf course in the world awaits you, and of course there are also plenty of opportunities for fishing. Winter sports are big here in Akureyri: at the winter sport center at Hlíðarfjall, you will find optimal snow conditions for both downhill or cross-country skiing with superb views across the coastline and sea below.

The town of Akureryi also has a charming atmosphere - especially in the old parts of town. The cozy cafes and galleries are definitely worth a visit and the annual music festival draws visitors from all over (the world).

Nearby, Goðafoss, the magnificent 'waterfall of the gods', and the scenic area of Mývatn with its geothermal activity beckon. At Mývatn Nature Baths you can replenish body mind and soul. The area around Akureyri/Mývatn also offers many opportunities to get in touch with the power of the earth, and various stunning places of natural beauty. One week to explore the region is hardly long enough – but you can come back anytime...


Our 4 beautiful apartments in Akureyri are only a 2 minute walk away from the old town center. They are an ideal place to relax and come home to after a full day in nature. Take a look at the pictures. We put a lot of care into making the apartments into a peaceful abode for you.


Information about North Iceland & Akureyri


Travel to Akureyri

In the summer months there are various direct flights from Europe and America to Reykjavík. During the winter time there are fewer direct flights.

If there are no direct flights from your location to Iceland, the best way to get to Reykjavík is via Copenhagen or London.

Air Iceland operates the domestic flights. From the International Airport Reykjavík (Keflavik) to the Domestic Airport in Reykjavík, you should plan 2.5 to 3 hours of transfer time.
There are bus transfers with each flight arrival into Reykjavík city center and we are happy to organize a private taxi transfer for you.

From Reykjavík you can take a domestic flight straight to Akureyri, which can also be reached by car or bus via Route One - the beautifully scenic ring road which runs around the perimeter of Iceland.

International flights

Domestic flights


Other information

How cold does it get?
Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland isn´t as cold as it sounds. Temperatures are moderate year-round. Average July temperatures are around 12 to 15°C  and the north and east are often the warmest parts in the summer. Average January temperatures in Reykjavík, at around zero, are actually higher than those in New York.

How should I dress?
In the summer, light clothing is often all you need - but always be prepared for both cold and wet weather at all times of the year. The weather can be extremely changeable. Icelanders often say, "If you don´t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes." And always bring a bathing suit, whatever time of the year you visit. A favourite pastime is year-round outdoor swimming in countless geothermally heated pools and lagoons, with a typical temperature of 25-28°C.

What is the accommodation and food like?
Excellent! Iceland´s hotels and guesthouses are almost invariably clean and comfortable. The seafood and lamb are of outstanding natural quality and served in an imaginative European style.

Can I pay my fees with a credit card?
We accept Mastercard & Visa.

What kind of money do we use in Iceland?
The Icelandic króna (ISK).  All major currencies can be exchanged at the airport, banks and currency exchanges. Visa and MasterCard are accepted almost universally, and ATMs are generally not hard to find.

When is it daylight in Iceland?
Summer visitors who arrive to a bright midnight sky and ask when it gets dark in Iceland are sometimes told "in the middle of August." The sun barely sets in the summer and it´s light round-the-clock in the north at the peak of summer. In mid-winter, expect only about four to five hours of daylight a day.  

What about the electricity?
Iceland´s electrical standards are European (50Hz, 240 volts) so many North American electrical devices will require converters. Plugs are generally two-pin, so devices brought in from the UK and North America wil require adapters.

Can I plug in my modem?
Generally, yes, jacks are standard. As you should do anywhere, though, always ask a hotel it it´s safe to plug a normal modem into your room´s phone jack. By the way, Icelanders have the highest rate of computer use in the world.

Will my mobile phone work in Iceland?
Most European mobile phones work on Iceland´s GSM network; North American ones use a different standard. But you can rent mobile phones in Iceland if you need to. Iceland now has the highest rate of mobile phone use in the world. Mobiles work in towns and on virtually all main travel routes.