Regard for nature - fairness to people
Sustainable or green tourism aims to change the environment as little as possible, to respect the local culture and society and to generate income and employment for locals. This means that eco-tourism strives to be environmentally and culturally sensitive, thereby allowing guests a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Inspiration Iceland feels very committed to the targets above. Our activities are aligned with the principles of respectful treatment towards the locals and to nature.

In nature - with nature:
We want to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience of Iceland and its nature. We hope that this experience of  both the fragile and powerful sides of nature can create a deeper connection with the natural environment and encourage a sustainable life. We also hope to encourage the understanding of the stunning natural features of our island. Slow, intense and enjoyable is our philosophy: we minimize travel distances by car for the benefit of the environment, but also to give time for our guests to discover nature thoroughly and intensively - and to see more than just the famous highlights.

Hand in Hand
In our seminars /retreats and other activities we come in contact with the people who live in Iceland and try to help our guests to achieve insight into the daily life of Icelanders. We try to support the local shops & businesses, for example by offering opportunities to taste local food and we take care that profits are shared fairly here in Northern Iceland.


Inspiration Iceland team