Dog Sledding Tours in Iceland

Enjoy an unique experience as a musher for a dog sledding ride on snow with Huskies in Akureyri capital of north Iceland

Let's connect with our beautiful huskies for a DOG SLEDDING on snow with our Huskys in Akureyri. It's the perfect activity during winter time. Only the north of Iceland has plenty of snow.

Akureyri is a unique place with majestic fjord, waterfalls as far as the eye can see, surrounded by mountains filled with snow during the winters time and with a lot of sun during the summer time. We also propose dog scootering and husky cuddling with kennel visit.

Dogsledding Tours Summer

Dogsledding Tours Winter


Dog Sledding North Iceland on Snow

Let's connect with our beautiful huskies and enjoy an unique experience as a musher for a dog sledding on snow tour in North Iceland. This will be your unique "once in a lifetime" experience in Iceland

kr 28,500 3 Hours

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Husky Photoshooting & Cuddling

Meet the Huskies and spend an intense moment with them in Iceland. Photoshooting, Cuddling, Tea&Coffee included :-)

kr 3,500 45 Minutes

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Dog Sledding Adventure & Lake Myvatn - Winter on Snow

Dog sledding and a superjeep tour to Mývatn in one ! You will love it.

kr 153,000 9 Hours

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The Dog Sledding Winter Dream with Huskies

Let yourself be pulled by huskies on a sledge through the beautiful winter landscapes of North Iceland.

kr 337,500 3 Days

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