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The soothing effect of a massage works on much more than the part of the body receiving the massage. The whole body and psyche are positively stimulated through the stimulation of the massage.

  • La Stone Massage
    This treatment can be traced back to the Native Indians in North America. The stones were regarded as gifts from Mother Earth and were used for physical and mental health purposes. In our La Stone treatments in Knarrarberg we use stones from Hawaii and Snaefellsnes. The treamtnent is particurlarly good for muscle inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis, stiffness and many other symptoms.
  • Classic Massage
    Classical treatment,  relaxation- or Sports massage serve to  soften muscles and tissues, stimulate the blood circulation which helps the body to relax and to renew its energy. The treatment is deep and relaxing  since we work with precious oils that calm the body and soul in the face of hectic every day live.
  • Abhyanga
    Abhyanga, an Indian oil massage, traces its roots back to Ayurveda. We work with warm oil and it shows particularly good results with joint issues, nurtures the tissues and balances out the body. Abhyanga repairs as well dry hair and skin.
  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture  shows benefits with a lot of disorders and ache, it balances out disequilibrium and teaches the body to become healthy again. When treating a main issue it typically shows a lot of positive side effects like improved sleep, more energy and generally better health.
  • Nutrition consultation
    Nutrition consultation is meant for improving the knowledge  about healthy diet  and on how to apply it for positive changes in daily life. Nutrition consultation is custom built for each single client.
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